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Cinematography is a powerful art form that allows us to capture the beauty and complexity of the world around us and translate it into moving images that can touch people's hearts and minds.


This feature on the history of Angostura bitters provides an insightful overview of how this renowned cocktail ingredient has transformed over time. It delves into the origins of the bitters in Venezuela during the early 1800s and tracks its journey to becoming a widely used component in bars all over the world. The video also explores how the original recipe has been adapted and modified, leading to the creation of various flavoured bitters. By showcasing the production process and providing historical context, the video offers an informative glimpse into the evolution of Angostura bitters.


This commercial for Skin products featuring Dr. Rachel Eckel has received widespread acclaim for its trendy, clean, and modern aesthetic. The visually stunning ad showcases the Skin product line in a sleek and sophisticated way, making it highly appealing to viewers. The use of crisp, vibrant imagery and elegant design elements effectively communicates the high quality and effectiveness of the products. The modern and stylish approach also helps to differentiate Skin products from competitors in the crowded skincare market, positioning the brand as a leader in the industry. Overall, the successful execution has played a significant role in capturing the attention of audiences and driving interest in the Skin product line.


This feature produced about the brand reveal and journey of Shoma Persad is a powerful and inspiring story of perseverance, courage, and determination. The video beautifully captures the struggles and triumphs of Shoma as she shares her journey of starting her own brand after the dissolution of her previous partnership, "Tobye & Shoma." The journey taught her valuable lessons and paved the way for her to discover her own unique voice and vision "Shoma The Label". The video is a testament to the fact that setbacks and failures are often opportunities in disguise and that with hard work and determination, it's possible to turn one's dreams into reality.


In this feature series... this video was one of five testimonials by past UTC Executives. Wendell Mottley discusses the fascinating history and remarkable success of the Unit Trust of Trinidad & Tobago. Mottley, a former Trinidad and Tobago Olympian and Minister of Finance, praises the Unit Trust for its long-standing commitment to providing affordable and accessible investment options to all citizens. He highlights the importance of the Unit Trust in helping to build the country's economy and creating wealth for its people. Mottley's testimonial is a powerful reminder of the crucial role that organizations like the Unit Trust of Trinidad & Tobago play in empowering individuals and driving economic growth.


In this video feature, the newly constructed Couva Hospital and multi-training facility is showcased, with The Honourable Minister of Health, Terrence Deyalsingh, taking a walk through the impressive facility. The video highlights the state-of-the-art equipment and infrastructure of the hospital, which includes Fluoroscopy, Mammography, Ultra sound, X-Ray, MRI and CT-Scans. The video provides a detailed tour of the facility, showcasing the different departments and medical equipment. The visuals are accompanied by informative voiceovers that explain the various features of the hospital. Overall, the video serves as a testament to the government's commitment to improving healthcare infrastructure in Trinidad and Tobago.
Produced in collaboration with Londsdale Saatchi & Saatchi


The video brand reveal of Nova Coffee, featuring Tracy Allen making the perfect cup, is a captivating and informative demonstration of the company's commitment to providing a high-quality coffee experience. Throughout the video, Tracy's knowledge and passion for coffee are apparent, as he explains the intricate details and techniques that go into creating the perfect cup. From selecting the perfect beans to adjusting the grind size, Tracy's attention to detail and dedication to his craft is evident. The video is visually appealing, with close-up shots of the brewing process and stunning imagery of the coffee beans. Overall, the video is an effective tool in showcasing Nova Coffee's expertise, commitment to quality, and passion for the perfect cup of coffee.


This feature highlights Angostura's coopering process and displays the detailed craftsmanship involved in making the brand's barrels. Skilled artisans are seen shaving and sanding wooden staves to perfection, while the camera captures the scale of the cooperage. Slow-motion and time-lapse techniques are used to emphasize the rapid process of creating the barrels, and the video highlights the rich history and tradition of the Angostura brand. The final product is showcased, which displays the meticulous care and attention to detail that goes into every barrel. Overall, the video is an excellent portrayal of the artistry and craftsmanship required for the Angostura coopering process.


The video is a summary of the incredibly successful livestream campaign that promoted Mackeson at bars all across Trinidad "MACKESON TONIGHT". The campaign was designed to engage audiences and generate excitement around the brand, and it did just that. With innovative content and engaging visuals, the campaign captured the attention of viewers and kept them coming back for more. As a result, the campaign won the "best in show online" Caribbean Addy award, a testament to its effectiveness and impact. Overall, the video is a testament to the power of creative marketing campaigns and the impact they can have on a brand's success.


Amaranth's journey in Trinidad began as a small family-owned business known as Pereira and Company. After some time, the company was acquired by Massy Technologies, a leading conglomerate in Trinidad and Tobago. However, the executives of saw an opportunity to take the business in a new direction and rebranded it as Amaranth. This rebranding involved significant changes, including developing a new vision and mission, expanding the product and service offerings, and implementing new marketing strategies.


In this feature, the Australian Commissioner Bruce Lendon is seen making Anzac biscuits in honour of Anzac Day. As he prepares the biscuits, he delves into the history of these delicious treats. Anzac biscuits have their roots in World War I, when they were sent by wives and mothers to soldiers fighting overseas. Made with ingredients that would keep well during long journeys, such as rolled oats and golden syrup, these biscuits were a source of comfort and a reminder of home for the soldiers. Today, Anzac biscuits are enjoyed throughout Australia and New Zealand as a symbol of remembrance and gratitude for the sacrifices made by the ANZAC soldiers. Commissioner Lendon's video is a poignant tribute to this tradition and a fitting way to honor Anzac Day.


The fun video featuring dance routines to soca music is an exciting and dynamic passion project that showcases the captivating rhythm and culture of Trinidad. The dancers' passion and enthusiasm for the soca beat are evident in their skillful and engaging moves. The video captures the essence of Port of Spain, with shots of well-known streets and popular landmarks serving as the perfect backdrop for the dancers. It's a fantastic celebration of dance, music, and the infectious spirit of the Caribbean, and it will have you swaying and moving to the beat in no time.
Produced in collaboration with Elle Infinitt dance school.
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